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The Tulip Bulbs Have Arrived!

Its September which means the arrival of bulbs for our spring flowers. This year we have a wide selection of tulips to grow. These include a number of historical tulips that are rarely available. Back in the 18th and 19th century, tulips were very popular and exclusive. They were a sign of wealth and some bulbs would sell for the same price as a house! We will be growing flowers from this era as well as some of the newest and fanciest varieties - so keep an eye out in March - May to see what these beauties will look like!! Tulip bouquets will be available but you might want to reserve a bunch in advance before they all go.

Whilst we plan to grow a lot of our bulbs, we will also be selling a limited selection at our workshop. However, once planted, they will not be seen again until next summer! Contact us to find out what is available and whats more, our Flowers For Flowers program will be in force, which means that every bulb or pack of seeds sold will mean we can give the same number to a special school or community project! #FlowersForFlowers


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