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Artisan Florist English Petal & Herb Ltd.  

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Kim & Daniel Chapple

Artisan Florist & Flower Grower,

Great Staughton, Cambs.

It was on our honeymoon that we decided we wanted to do something together that might make a difference.  We wanted to focus on floristry / flowers, spend more time with nature and to set up some kind of social enterprise.    A few months later, we were starting to grow flowers in a walled garden and Kim was creating floral displays with a rustic / vintage twist using them.  We wanted to grow all our flowers in organic conditions,  which made for harder work but our aim has always been to offer quality fresh flowers with minimal impact on the environment.  When you consider that many flowers available in the UK travel 1000's of miles and have been treated with chemicals to maximise yield, we believe that locally grown flowers offer an attractive (and beautiful) alternative.  


As our flowers bloomed, we also launched our Flowers For Flowers program which was one of the key reasons for setting up the company.  For every bouquet we sell, we will give flowers to an elderly, lonely or vulnerable person.  For every wedding we provide flowers to, we will give flowers to a local elderly care home or hospice.  As a company, the more we sell, the more we can support others without reliance on any charitable contributions.  We have kept it simple so that those that buy from us know they will also directly give to a specific person that will also enjoy the happiness that flowers bring - and science has shown that flowers truly does make real happiness! #flowersforflowers


 We are also part of 'Flowers From The Farm' which brings British Flower Growers together and enables us to offer a wider variety of UK grown seasonal flowers.

We are also proud to support The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation by fundraising and offering flowers for free for those who wish to get married and are terminally ill.

Supported by a network of volunteers, Contact the Elderly organises monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for small groups of older people aged 75 and over who are dealing with loneliness and social isolation.  It is through these tea parties that we are able to organise one of our flowers drops.

Age UK's vision is to make the UK a great place to grow older.  English Petal & Herb help this vision by providing flowers on the birthday of those that are lonely and isolated as part of our Flowers For Flowers Program.

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Please check our events page for details of upcoming workshops.  We can also offer private sessions including hen parties and children's birthday parties (all flower / plant related of course!)  Please contact us for more details.


For further details about our flowers and bouquets please contact us or view our FAQ page.

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